The easiest  parking software out there


Manage Bookings

Handle your bookings with ease, with powerful reporting on availability


Monthly Customers

Do you have customers paying monthly? No problem! You can keep track of them and their payments

Entrance tickets

Print an entrance ticket when a vehicle arrives at the car park and hand it to the customer

Mobile App

ParkAdoro comes with an iPhone / Android app that your parking attendants can use while on the go

Receipts / Invoices

Have a complete financial overview of your business by printing invoices and receipt

Connect your site

Import automatically bookings happening at your website directly to ParkAdoro

Manage your Bookings
View upcoming bookings, quick search in vehicles already parked, filter by key position and arrival/exit dates
Monthly Customers
Store all the customers that pay monthly. Track their payments. Know who owes what!
Add easily a new booking
Quickly add a new booking. Select from an existing customer or add on the spot their details to be stored on the system.
Quick Check-out
Quick and easy check-out process. Know exactly what the customer owes. Issue a Receipt or Invoice. Log if it's a cash or card payment
Powerful Reporting
Get a glimpse of the traffic in upcoming days. Build your employee schedule easier. Know how many cars you expect per hour
Track your Shuttle Vehicles
The most innovative vehicle tracking solution especially designed for airport car parks. Notify your drivers for customers they need to pickup and track their location, speed etc.
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